5 tricks to get rid of painful diarrhea

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Painful and uncomfortable, diarrhea is a particularly painful digestive disorder. Fortunately, it is generally benign and can be easily stopped with a few simple tips. Discover 5 effective tips to get rid of it.

#1 Adopt good food hygiene

Establishing a special diet helps fight diarrhea. Start by dividing your food intake: eat six small meals a day instead of three. Not taking too much food at once relieves the digestive system.

Choose foods that are easy to digest: Liquid foods like soups and soups help rehydrate your body at the same time. For more filling dishes, try well-cooked rice, cooked carrots and potatoes, pasta, ripe bananas, and applesauce. Lean meats (eg turkey, skinless chicken) and lean fish (eg cod, sea bream) are also recommended. Remember to drink plenty of water.

However, avoid all foods and drinks that can damage your digestive system. Very fatty (cold cuts), sweet (cake) or spicy (capers, pickles) foods are strongly discouraged, as are tea, coffee and other drinks rich in caffeine.

Raw, unpeeled fruits and vegetables are generally not recommended, especially those high in fiber like beans and cabbage. Also to be avoided: oleaginous and dried fruits (nuts, almonds …), legumes (lentils) and whole grains (wholemeal bread).

Milk and dairy products are not recommended during the first days of diarrhea, but it is then possible to introduce low-fat, plain yogurt into your diet to rebalance the intestinal flora.

#2 Grandma’s magic: hot water and lemon juice.

This grandmother’s trick has been proven to help with acute diarrhea. It is enough to drink a large glass of warm water with the juice of one lemon per day until the symptoms stop. Not only does this stop diarrhea quickly, but it also relieves the stomach ache that comes with it. During the winter, you can also drink this drink to prevent gastroenteritis every night before going to bed. You can add some honey to improve the taste.

#3 Fight diarrhea with homeopathy

Homeopathy can give good results for acute diarrhea. Treatment differs depending on the symptoms encountered. Thus, for slightly painful diarrhea, causing a lot of fatigue and manifested by numerous very liquid stools, prefer China Rubra 9 CH, at a rate of 3 granules 3 times a day.

If the diarrhea is accompanied by cold sweating, take 3 granules of Veratrum album times a day instead.

Finally, in the event of gastroenteritis or traveler’s diarrhea (Turista), take Arsenicum album 9 CH instead. Again, the dosage is 3 granules 3 times a day. Advice when traveling, Arsenicum album 9 CH should always be part of your homeopathic kit.

#4 White clay against diarrhea

White clay powder can be very helpful against diarrhea, especially traveler’s diarrhea. To enjoy its benefits, simply dilute a teaspoon of white clay in a glass of water. Drink this drink once a day until the symptoms subside.

#5 Medicines available without a prescription

You can find a variety of non-prescription drugs at drugstores. These antidiarrheals are often very effective, but it is generally not recommended to take them during the first two days of diarrhea. It is better to let it play its role of purification of the organism at the beginning, in particular in the event of food poisoning.

As for antibiotics or prescription antispasmodic drugs (such as Debridat®), do not take them without medical advice. Especially if you don’t have a fever: it won’t help stop your diarrhea.

Diarrhea: when to consult?

While adult diarrhea is usually not severe, there are symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical attention quickly, such as pus and/or blood in the stool, severe stomach cramps, or persistent high fever.

If the diarrhea shows no signs of improvement after 3 days, see a doctor. Also, do not hesitate to quickly consult a doctor for a young child (less than 2 years old) or an elderly person more prone to dehydration.

In the event of acute diarrhea, it is recommended to make an appointment with the doctor, who may prescribe a stool culture.


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