#4 advices to avoid cardiac arrest.

heart attack
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We have defined cardiac arrest and explained how to act as a witness to a cardiac arrest in a previous article on the topic of health. Myocardial infarction is not reserved for people in poor health. There are risk factors that we can act on to reduce the chances of having a cardiac arrest.

1 – stopping smoking

Cigarette smoking has many consequences on the body, increasing the risk of having a heart attack by a factor of 5:

-inflammation of the blood vessels causes the formation of clots

-arteries become clogged up more quickly

-blood pressure increases

2 – Avoid overweight

Do not eat too much fat, too sweet or too salty. A balanced diet, with 5 fruits and vegetables per day helps reduce the risks.

3 – Limit alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption is a cardiovascular risk factor. It increases blood pressure and causes heart rhythm disorders such as arrhythmia or tachycardia.

However, not all alcoholic beverages are created equal.

4 – Controlling stress

Stress is considered a risk factor but also a triggering factor. A hobby that allows you to decompress, physical activity, or psychological follow-up can help.


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