20 popular film stars from the 80s: then and now. You will be surprised by Grace Jones


1. James Avery-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Uncle Phil was the patriarch of the family, a larger-than-life, high-flying lawyer. Although he and Will didn’t always see eye to eye, Phil clearly cared about his nephews and was often the main laughing stock of the series. What did James Avery do after the series?

James Avery continued to work as an actor on television and also had a few film roles, in shows like The Division and The Closer. Did you know that he was also the voice of Shredder in Ninja Turtles in the 80s? Avery had a number of small roles and guest appearances in movies and TV shows before he sadly passed away in 2014 at the age of 68.
Avery died in 2013 after complications following open-heart surgery at Glendale Memorial Centre. His Fresh Prince co-stars were shocked by the news and paid a number of public tributes in his memory.




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